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ricekripketreat's Journal

ridiculously good looking.
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i remember when i found out about chemistry.

. .

alter egos, amazonian reccers, assless chaps, blow pops, blowjays, boys, brotherly "love", brothersluts, buttsex, candy, cock, cowboys, creative jones, dallass, epicness, erective come, fist pimps, ginormous peens, hotass and hotdick, idk our bff bobby, macking, magnificent bastards, making out, matching tattoos, phone sex, picspam, pie, pie balls, porn, proximity boners, richardson, san antone, sexting, shiner, smex, smuckers and rice cakes, snogging, sour belts, sour patch kisses, tbn, texass, that douche?, whee! or wee! whichever